Okay so I know it s been hashed out a thousand times but I ve decided to go...

Okay so I know it's been hashed out a thousand times but I've decided to go dark side today and I'm on my way to the shop to pick up a tire any recommendations I know a lot of people said the general altimax for a while but what's everybody thinking what's the consensus and what's the best size

  • I just do it myself by hand and lots of lube

  • Tripletred... For 1 up I find 28-30 lbs smoothes the uneven pavement and tracks straighter and flexes better in the corners.

  • You are talking about mounting your tire right Bryan Riggs... Lol

  • Hahaha doubtful

  • Lol yup lol

  • This is where I ended up

  • General gmax g 3 205 55 16

  • What tire is that?

  • Just went for a quick 20 miles feels just like an mc

  • General gmax g 3 205 55 16

  • Hahaha

  • Welcome... To the Darkside.

  • Yokohama avid evigor 205-55, i had the altimax hp on before and i absolutely love the yoko better does not fight as much in a hard lean.

  • I prefer a darkside tread that is directional. A tread that looks exactly the same for each side, from center tread to each of the sides, without the rain clearance tread directing water to the tires side.

  • Scott, are those roadking saddlebags? How about a side picture.

  • Yes they are they fit ok ish

  • So just some additions after 5 ds tires. Narrower is better than wide, wider will look bas ass but will want to right the bike. Rounder edge profile helps to allow the tire to flex while cornering making the righting less noticeable. And if the tire specs for a car say not suitable for sub freezing absolutely avoid the rubber compound gets harder as it gets colder.

  • Rod pimental I've since this picture moved the mounts on the bags up a little the top over the bags are now level with the rear seat