Okay my fellow zx14ers need some help I have a 2008 zx14 all stock Soon to...

Okay my fellow zx14ers need some help. I have a 2008 zx14 all stock. Soon to get slip ons I am hoping. I have a pcv and flashing dynojets sock air filter and stock exhaust. I am having major problems with it. At any throttle position and at any speed. Once I crack here open. She sputters. Today she died on me at 2 stop signs and when. I got home. I am not sure if this map was made without the flies or not. Dynojet is no help. Anyone know how to tweak a fuel map or make one? Cannot afford the auto tune right now. Getting married in 28 days. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

  • Maybe just replace it with the stock parts. Make it completely stock until you have the money to make it right. Other then that you need to spend money

  • I just got a pair if KR Tuned slip ons. Thought about getting 2006/2007 header since it has no cata in it. Not sure if that is like getting a aftermarket one or not.

  • The 06/07 header has no cats can be used but you will need a shim to fit it proper With 08/11 slips those are 08/11 slips on my 07. A little dicking around but once I found the proper shim at a auto part store Just used a exhaust adapter then cut it to size myself. 2" ID 21/4 OD Cut of keeping the flare Was a perfect fit. Glad I did it

  • Or remove the cats from your 08 I would check your power commander

  • I wonder if my pcv is drawing power. Would not start this morning after loading the zero map. On the charger right now. I sent jeffo a email to see what he can come with. Buy maps from him for $75 I think and free tech support. Reviews seems legit.