Okay I have a question Most people on here have the Vulcan 2K so my thing is I...


Okay I have a question. Most people on here have the Vulcan 2K so my thing is I'm seeing a lot of posts lately about how people are wanting to put on fenders fairings saddlebags they want to make it look like a Harley they're making it look like a chief why do people want the Vulcans look look like Harleys or the chief? Why won't you go out and just buy a Harley or a chief and so try to make your bike look like one? Hope this don't offend anyone but I just had to ask

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  • Real nice nice dude

  • Got rid of the back seat and Sissy bar and went with a fender bib

  • I like that fender bib, dont need a back seat anymore

  • The real thing is here, if we are building a bagger or a drifter, we are being creative. If you think it doesn't take skill, guts and patience to build something other than stock you're insane. Unbolting and bolting stuff on is one thing but buying a $200 fender overlay and bashing in your perfect rear fender to make it fit, then spending hours of floating and sanding fiberglass to make it work just to be called a Harley wanna be sits well with me you're mistaken. I never called anyone a name but just because your idea of custom comes in the form of 20 mins and a credit card, let's just say I remember my first beer.

  • Nope being single no woman has earned that yet lol as in if we havent been together 6 months she may not ride

  • I saw that video to Derek, catfish Cooley. LOL, LOL, LOL

  • mine ride her own, so much more enjoyable, women find good places to eat, riding solo or with buds its 7/11 or mcdonalds,lol

  • Love that video, thats why i represent my brand even debadged

  • Oh, and I like Indians,lmao

  • I want that Vulcan patch!!!

  • I have "V2K" state plates... can't get more "branded" than that.

  • Jealous

  • Yeah we all are, he has the life.....

  • Very nice. Where did the wheels come from.

  • ebay like $8

  • Thank you!!!

  • RC Components.. 18 inc wheels

  • Here's a pic from a 3 years ago with Stock wheels. I've since done the wheels (and pulley), switched out the handle bars, put on a progressive air shock, and put on a new (painted) swing arm,

    (and yes, that's my wife)

  • That's funny because the other day I was just thinking to myself I need to find me a girl that likes to ride and as much as I do

  • That the reason I didn't see bike for there both are beautiful .

  • Even with tank emblems, in case there is a question about the brand. Don't want to be mistaken for that other brand that comes and goes every so often...

  • Does the air shock make that much difference?

  • Thats nice AJ.

    Shame about the $17 postage to the UK.

  • This is how I see it !!!

  • And my other Kawasaki !!!

  • That's Spock