Okay fellow V2K riders I m thinking of going to the dark side I m tired of...

Okay fellow V2K riders..... I'm thinking of going to the "dark side" I'm tired of only getting 10 to 12k on my rear tire, and I'm thinking of making the move to a car/truck tire. Has anyone tried this? What did you think of it? and were you happy with your choice.

  • I'm lucky to get 8000 km from my cobras, but won't be switching to anything else soon.....

  • Guess I should of specified 14k miles! Lol

  • I'd Love to get 12,000 miles on my Michelin Me-880's

  • I use a good goodyear triple tread . There is a little difference in the way the bike handles. There are as many riders say they would not go dark side as their are that say they have. It is a little harder To handle the bike in a rut are uneven pavement. It is up to the individual what you want to do. I know riders that r on there third darkside. You will get 25000 miles plus. I have had my bike to 145 mph with my darkside.and know problem leaning around curve. A darkside will carry more weight it has better belts. A car tire has a millage warranty and a bike tire has none. There was a man called Columbus a few hundred years ago was told the world was flat and could not sail the ocean. If he took that as being the truth we would not be talking about motorcycle. Also there are bikers say do not ride in the rain. They probably the same one that say you can not use a darkside.

  • I am on my Second Rear Tire in 6.000 Miles. The Dunlop lasted 1700 Miles. I have Bridgestone on now that might have another 2.000 miles remaining on it. how you get 12.000 miles with one of these beast is beyond my riding style.

  • I'm at 25k on a General Altimax HP about to re-up and think I'll try a Goodyear

  • My rear tires never lasted longer than 6000 - 6500 km. Now I have the new Bridgestone Exedra Max. And I'm so far very happy with it.

  • so what size in a Goodyear triple tread?

  • 205/60/16 is what I run.

  • I just ordered that last night. So far around 6K on the stock Bridgestone. Looks like its got a 1K or slightly more left on it. I'd get 12 - 15K out of a rear on the Road King I had, so darkside here I come.