Okay 2k mechanics I m bout to tear into the beast s engine and need some...


Okay 2k mechanics! I'm bout to tear into the beast's engine and need some pointers on required parts! I'm replacing the heads, piston rings, and stator on the beast. What all parts do I need to put on order? Got heads, head gaskets, rocker gaskets, stator, and side cover gasket.

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  • I would do the little lifter filter mod while your in there too

  • He wan't be needing rings if he only needs a gasket. Cart and a horse. Don't get ahead of yourself. Do what is needed to bring it back up, without leaks, then go from there. More time and cost efficient.

  • What is the lifter filter mod?

  • Some people have removed the filters on the oil supply or poked a hole in them. They are said to be a little restrictive for getting oil to the lifters. Help contribute to the ticking lifters

  • It clearly stated that he was going to be replacing rings. Thought it might be helpful if he had the parts

  • Ok. Thanks

  • Start with the simple things first. No need to make things more complicated than they need to be. A complete rebuild can go sideways real quick, and when done, if it doesn't run, you have even more to diagnose.

  • Have you ever heard of a leak down test ??

    Thats what you need to do before you start ripping a tearing

    And just because its not charging doesnt mean the stators bad

    You need to learn to do tests

    Not just throw parts at it

    Your gunna end up with more problems than u started

  • I bought the stator due to going through 3 batteries and testing it. Not putting out quite enough juice. The rectifier/regulators seem to be what causing the 30 minute run time. And I'm guessing the heads are cracked due to the waterfall out the pipes if I put fluids in her.

  • For me, if it was my bike, and I'm cheap, I'd do a compression check on each cylinder. If it failed, I'd pull the heads and see if gasket had failed. Then proceed from there. I have seen aluminum heads BURN a path through the head from exhaust valves to intake valves. I won't spend a bunch of cash on gaskets or parts that I don't need. Air Force technical taught me: RVAIR

    RECOGNIZE the problem/symptoms

    Verify the problem

    Analyze the problem

    Isolate the problem

    Repair the problem.

    But if you have tons of cash burning a hole in your pocket, then have engine rebuilt

  • Look in manual for charging system operation check.

  • Charging system should put out 14.5 to 15.5 volts DC at 3000 rpms.

  • buy my beast and you will have a great one to ride and a supply of parts

  • When my lower regulator went out, it was putting out 17 volts and fried my low beam headlight