OK which one of my bros has a map for V N pipes with baffles and barons air kit

OK which one of my bros has a map for V&N pipes with baffles and barons air kit? I went to PC page its all different

  • 09 model

  • You're in luck. Plenty of VN pipe maps around and I've collected a few extras from owners on the Delphi and VROC forums. They don't seem to vary much between aftermarket air kits I'm told. Seems where they do vary is whether they're tuned for range or torque, fuel type and Californian or European models. It may vary again if you have the sub-throttle mod or the resistor mod if it's an older model. Not trying to put you off mate but apart from a dyno it is difficult to use a downloaded map as there are other factors involved. In the early days I used the compare map function a lot to see how they varied and did a lot of riding and tweaking. Gave my preferred map to a mate with the same bike and set-up and he had fuel starvation at certain RPMs. PS. After you get one you like, play with the Accelerator Pump function and hang on! :)

  • I only map ones on the Dyno