Ok. Was wondering if this dip stick was wrong. Because my brute force was metal


Ok.... Was wondering if this dip stick was wrong? Because my brute force was metal. I sold my brute so I don't have the two to compare.... 2009 750 teryx

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  • Good thing about constantly leaking oil... No oil changed needed lol. Update kit also cured my bro in laws 2011

  • Haha I said that last night... I change my oil every time I ride! It's clean as a whistle !!!

  • I only changed oil every 100 hrs, yes hrs not miles on my old 2010, 5400 miles when she left and still running good

  • If I can keep in the engine ... that sounds like a good schedule to keep..

  • It runs great and strong ... No chatter no noise .... It just started pushing oil out around that seal.... It took me about 4 rides to find it.... I was checking compression, valves, seals, guides, etc.... And everything is great and it has tons of compression.... I'm glad that seal finally started showing heavy signs of leaking... I was going crazy! Lol I even did the crank case breather mod.

  • Yeah I was losing a quart about every 5-10 hrs depending on how hard it was rode. Rear seal replaced at about 30 hrs under warranty. Did the update at about 4700 miles and had no oil leak still when I sold it. Paid about $180 for the update, wished I had done it sooner

  • After dirt ingestion in the first 4 hours I owned my 2011 Teryx. Kawi Warrented my motor. I change the oil after every other ride. I also have a UMP air filter too not gonna let that happen again. Lol

  • Most dealers won't tell you but I've got a good one that said the 750s did burn oil also. Never could see it or smell it but I know 3 more besides mine that did from day one

  • I do know a lot of them do. I was lucky with my 750 brute. It never used a drop after the rear main was fixed... But my buddies did and still does... I'm sure this one will also. Can't get that lucky twice in a row ... Lol

  • Got an 800 last July, 2400 miles so far. ZERO problems, plan on tryin to get 10k out of it before replacing