Ok time for some brain picking Does anyone know which if any Wiseco piston...

Ok.. time for some brain picking.. Does anyone know which (if any) Wiseco piston will fit an 87 Tecate 4 72mm big bore? Part #439M07200 is supposedly for 85-87 Tecate 3- Wanted to know if anyone has a clue about "interchangability" because I surely don't.. also- what "mods" need to be done to PV's and head? Scored a sleeved 72mm jug and really want to use it! Please and a big THANK YOU!!

  • I would call Great at Off-Road Innovations. A few weeks ago I was looking for a 74mm piston and he had 72 and 73mm in stock for the big bore. He also has a large selection of the old Wiseco pistons that are lighter weight than the new ones. Give him a shot first, then reach out to Dave at ILR Second. http://www.off-roadinnovation. com/

  • Thanks Joel.. Greg @ Offroad Innovation is a good dude with those hard to find parts- for SURE! That's most likely where I'll buy from. Just looking for a little insight into the "interchangability".. what has to be done to my PV'S & head? (Sounds like you may know)

  • If you are running that stroker set up I would run a Sprock head and just make sure your power valves are times correctly. I have a 300 T4 that has the billet power valves ported and I can't tell a difference. That's my .02.

  • The piston in a 1987-1989 KX250 is the same one as well , if it helps to cross reference