OK The Nomad hard cases are on the way What do I need to know on the Nomad...

OK... The Nomad hard cases are on the way. What do I need to know on the Nomad supports?

How much modification do I need to do to make them fit the Beast? Any ideas on other methods of mounting the cases?

  • See my pictures posted tonight

  • Look for leesons atv as the seller. When I got mine they stil had 50 sets. Cut the spacers down to 1 inch long and you are done Can't pull them in any tighter or you will hit on the belt guard

  • The offset looks longer on the left side vs. The right. Is that the 1" side? Looking to do the same setup using Victory bags.

  • Cut the spacer on the left one down to 1/2 at the passenger board mount end and 1 inch at the fender hoops and that puts exactly 1/8 clearance from the support to the belt guard. Right side 1 inch spacers at top and leave the ones welded on the support. Lines the passenger boards up with the driver boards perfectly

  • Thanks Art, much obliged.

  • And that's why we have forums. Knowledge flows fast and furious. Kinda wonder how I got anything done 30 years ago before the great googly

  • what -the price of 300$ its expansive - i had luck and got for 50€ ... B|

  • Made my own supports. ;)

  • Lasse, that's my second option. Already have the OEM brackets, but they look a bit high for the Victory bags.

  • Ok, these are made for the OEM nomad bags.

  • And I agree, the bags should not be too high on the bike.

  • I get that. I will have to adjust for my current setup as I fabricated a Drifter style fender.

  • I guess it was a bit easier for me, because I fabricated the supports from scratch to match.

  • Another shot of that fender

  • Looks good Lasse. Love the colors.

  • Thanks! ;)

  • Lasse Alvebris Fd Kauko kan du inte göra ett par (supports) till mig?

  • Dom är ju platsbyggda, så jag har inga mått..Orkar tyvärr inte riva ner hojen och börja om.. :/

  • Lasse Alvebris Fd Kauko Ja, jeg forstår.