Ok tech question for everyone Has anyone done or read about someone cutting...

Ok, tech question for everyone. Has anyone done or read about someone cutting and extending the rear of a 2012 T4?

  • By extending are you referring to moving the rear suspension back for tires to not rub the frame tubes?

  • Yes sir. Maybe 2 or 3"

  • Just buy the super atv arched arms

  • Satv arms move rear back 1.5" and front forward 1.5"

  • I have HCR long travel kit on.

  • I've done mine. The catvos lift moves them back 2", and the new superatv a arms move them back 1.5". I moved mine myself back 2" before they ever put there stuff on the market. Been that way over 1 1/2yrs now without a single issue. Moved my a arms to backside of frame channels and re-boxed the channels, used longer bolts( they are metric) to go thru new mounts and where they are factory and put a pipe spacer in factory location to prevent channels from crushing when tightened, for upper shock mount I moved it to the back of factory tabs and added another tab again with longer bolts and a spacer in factory location, very easy and very cheap. There is a write up on it on teryxforums of a white t4 with 32" terms as well and he has pics, I don't have pics of mine

  • Very awesome. Thank you for the info.

  • No problem

  • Did you do anything to the rear axle assembly? I was just thinking of cutting whole rear section and moving it back a few inches. Then have driveline extended also. Just a thought.

  • No mods other than moving upper and lower arms back. I thought of cutting and extending too but them you'll have to reconfigure the bed mounting and muffler hangers depending where you cut. Only moving arms back is easily reversible as well.

  • Cool. Thanks for the info. You are correct, much easier. Will look into it. Could not find the post on the forum.

  • Try google searching 32s on a Teryx 4, should come up

  • Ok. Will do. Thx bud