OK stupid question time

OK, stupid question time......

I noticed that only one headlight is lit on dip beam on my 2016 model. Is this normal or has the bulb failed?

Both lamps are lit when I switch to high beam. TIA.

  • Most bikes do that. Normal

  • The 2017 SX will have dual LEDs though so an old pet hate gone forever hopefully

  • That's normal

  • That's normal

  • My previous bike was a 2005 ZZR1200 and both light were lit on dip beam. That's why I thought I should check. I know a lot of bike only have one lamp lit on low beam.

  • After a certain year all bikes have to have at least one light lit at all times (EU Law)

  • A lot of people have done DIY mods to light both headlights on Zeds. I always hated that one is only lit. Every Kawasaki i've owned has been like that for many years now

  • Just keep mine on full beam all the time after a car driver said I didn't see you

  • I have been pulled over because the cop was unaware of it too.. :-)

  • normal :)

  • Thats normal, but I use two headligths on every time...is bether