Ok so I got the Cobra Fatty crash bar on by myself yeah they are a pain in the...

Ok, so I got the Cobra Fatty crash bar on by myself & yeah they are a pain in the azz to do by yourself. I however found a trick of doing it by yourself.

1) bolt the two bottom mounts first while resting the top bar against the front brake lines(keeps bar from hitting the back of front fender).

2) next just simply lean bar forward to top of side frame rail & bolt the upper section of bar

3) put away your tools(all of them), down a cold one & you finished!

  • Anthony, just follow those steps & you shouldn't have any problem.

    Just note that I forgot to mention that the actual step one is that you'll need to unmount your regulators from the from at the bottom & turn them sideways. It's not that hard & you should be getting a special bracket for that.

  • I hope I get all the parts, I found the bars from a guy that's on the FB page and they're used so I hope it's all there!

  • I have a set coming Monday or Tuesday as well from a guy on here. I'm sure they both will come with whatever we need.

  • How do you like the spike air filter? Been thinking of getting one. I need a new filter anyhow, right now its stock.

  • I like that fork bag you have as well, how did you mount it?

  • I personally like the spike & I mounted tool bag onto the turn signal bar.... gotta make the thieves work harder to steal your chit. Lol

  • They come with a red filter. K&N say their oil is red, and they only make red filters. I told K&N that their red filter looked like a pimple on my bike. Mari, my wonderful wife made it happen. Blue filter, Blue oil...

  • Brian Foote, I want your Big Ass Handlebars... Where are they???

  • Still waiting to mount them. Lol

  • How exactly do you get a different color filter and oil? I wouldn't want a red filter either.

  • Mike knows where to get the blue ones. I always just stick with the red ones because they color match my bike

  • When you are ready Steve Miller, you will have to talk to Mari... What she can do between the phone and the computer when I need something is amazing !!! I'm a luck man to have her. (And to put up with me!)

  • Steve Miller,Mari said "no problem as long as you send Brian Foote your red filter" red looks good on his bike.

  • New in 2009

  • Now with over 50,000 miles and still as strong

  • It's a deal