Ok now Leela is peeing me off


Ok,now Leela is peeing me off.

Had this problem for few weeks where she'll start up in the morning or any time when cold. But thats it! Even if I idle her for couple mins,she wont fire up. Engine turns nicely but wont fire. Just put new plugs in to see if it helps,checked petrol pump too.Someone mentioned shims is this the answer or is there something obvious?

Also is fuel supposed to come out of tap when I pull pope off or only when button pushed?

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  • You might have to take it apart and see if you have good sparks. If you gave a mate with a new battery might be worth a try most people on here will say they have a problem starting when hot. Not sure I helped but.....

  • That's the reason I suggested push starting it

  • you could have 13volts at the battery but still be low on cranking amps

  • I don't think its fuel related as it runs great all day . If your battery is good i would go through all the earths as it sounds electrical .

  • I changed my battery to the Yuasa YTX14H-BS to increase crank amps seemed to be better also added coil relay to take out all the switches all good so far

  • Well it looks as if it was the battery! !

    Finally managed to get new on it and its stopping and starting (well at the moment )old battery was reading 11.4 across terminals.

  • Suggest coil relay mod just to reduce volt drop anyway

  • That the stick coils,I seen people talk about?

  • No that's different (I have them ) in the files section there is a link I think k. All it does is direct from battery and the relay is switched by the old positive feed to the coils

  • Quick question, bought a new pump just in case, not needed now. Looks different to one on it,esp the breather. I fitted this as in photo,but made loud ticking,was it fitted incorrect, put old one back on anyway

  • Thanks Colin, realised battery was 2yrs old and haven't used bike really (shamed to say).

  • The battery I last took off is fine for other bikes I think the zzr is on the limit for the batteries esp when hot so end up being changed! I have no scientific proof of this but

  • Airbox ?

  • Carbs I meant

  • lol , had me worried there !

  • Was making big clicking noise,and breather facing wrong way (towards engine )

  • Same area...

  • Yeah all pipes lookalike

  • usually loud when dry

  • and its not a breather . . . its an overflow pipe in case the diaphragm fails

  • If the original one works send this one back as not right

  • Thats what I thought even though paperwork says its right

  • Ok now fed up!!

    Started lovely this morning, went out 10 mins later started fine.

    Started first go to come back,stopped for fuel (5mins later) wouldn't start! Spinning but no start,fired after 5 mins.

    25 min ride engine revved great felt lovely. Got home switched it off and wouldn't start!!

    WTF?? new plugs,filter,battery,pump is sucking nicely

  • I think the standard battery is only just up to the job. The whole ignition system, come to that. My z250 battery is nearly as big.