Ok now I feel kind of stupid


Ok now I feel kind of stupid.

Im trying to reset the trip meter by selecting it on display and holding down the rest button but nothing happens.

I've tried with the Mc off, I've tried with it running, and in gear but nothing happens.

Nothing wrong with the buttons since I set the clock only a few min ago.

Oh and while I'm at it. Is it normal to experience a lot of vibrations from the engine at 3.5k rpm?

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  • You need to hold down the mode select button to clear the trip counter. I've never figured out what the "reset" button is for, other than setting the clock.

    It's normal for the engine vibrations to be most prominent in the 3.5-4.5k rpm range.

  • Ah, thanks

    I was kind of surprised how easy it operates even at 2k, and 3k feels really smooth

  • What Ben says. Now it's a vertical twin. I dunno what kinda bikes you are accustomed to, but a vertical twin does vibrate. Iy goes with the territory. ;)

  • Yeah I ride on a Suzuki dl650 from long distance travel, and they vibrate a lot, but mostly around the handles and seat, and not at the foot pegs.

    The w650 tickles my feet while the dl650 tickles my private parts

  • Fascinating.

  • Unlike an old Bonneville from the Sixties, it may vibrate your parts, but at least you won't lose any.

  • So you say :v

  • there is 3 modes on that button, total mileage, time and trip miles. select the trip with the button and hold down until the trip reads zero.

  • using the button on top of the headlamp.

  • Yeah, holding the two buttons helped. Don't remember it mentioning both buttons in the manual but thanks!

    Expect more rookie questions soon!

  • I reset mine every time i refill the tank and just use the button on top

  • Yeah, do the same thing with my car and other bike. Always keeping track of the consumption.

  • ditto

  • I'd check the torque of the motor mounts. In fact, whenever I purchase a motorcycle, I check the torque of all critical bolts, starting with the handlebar and brakes.

  • Conny Ask if you don't know. As for checking torque, part of ma weekly check is to rest spanners on fasteners to test tightness. Tourque to spec on service intervals

  • I use an app for that: fuelio. It is great and the first one that allows me to have my W650 miles based and my VW on km.