Ok looking for ideas and inputs I have a 2009 teryx and I play in mud and...


Ok looking for ideas and inputs.... I have a 2009 teryx and I play in mud and water a lot! This weekend I was in water just over my seat and my teryx DIED... Exhaust was still out of the water and NO WATER was in the engine.... Wouldn't start for approx 2 hrs... We checked the electrical under the drivers seat and it was wet! Dried it out and fired right up..... So I'm thinking of plistidipping my electrical.... Any ideas or different fixes anyone else has done? I.E. Bags, silicone, spray silicone, electrical grease... Etc etc....

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  • I die electric greased every plug on mine and been over the seats.

  • Electric grease

  • http://www.ebay.com/itm/like/271615955796?lpid=82& chn=ps Dielectric grease good for the wet stuff.