OK little frustrated for you electrical guy s I have been in the shop...

OK little frustrated for you electrical guy's I have been in the shop installing LED strip lights to my bags they will be extra Turn Signals right side all wired in works great left side nothing stock signal works fine and when i bench test the LED it also works fine however when i wire it in exactly the same way as the other nothing nada zilch any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  • I would assume I do if stock turn works just fine off that feed

  • Got it sorted my stupidity of course I will explain later

  • Fill us in

  • He didn't turn the left blinker switch on..LOL

  • Or low on fluid

  • OK so when i added wire to the whips i made sure i used red for hot and black for ground well on the stock turns i did just that and on one of the LED i also did just that however on the left yeah you guessed i got my wires crossed no pun intended Bare and Colin quit picking on me you guy's hurt my last feeling.

  • Yea yea lol

  • I really hate wireing i also added a run LED across the back of the little smuggler trunk everything worked great buttoned it all up bam no run light sumadabitch you know how many things i have to take back off to trace my F/U

  • Measure once cut twice, or 3 or 4 times lol

  • yeah you don't like the shit anymore than me

  • You're welcome.