Ok I put it up for debate

Ok I put it up for debate.

But in the end decided on Avon storm 3Ds. Being fitted as we speak. Lets see if they are better than my PR4s

  • £192 for the pr4gt's...

  • Awesome brand

  • Nearly scrubbed in.and so far no probs

  • Derek Vaughan is 277 outragous then or is it the going rate

  • Some where around that if u buy tyres from shop.

  • Ihad my tyres from Tyreleader.

  • Pr4-gt.

  • Yes ive bought tires cheaper myself.but then had to have them fitted.these were direct

  • Thats the only problem,got 2 go 2 shop for fitting,but still cheaper over all.

  • Done 150 miles on the pr4gt now,and I have to say there pretty good.you can feel the stiffer sidewalls but all good so far!!