Ok I need help I took out my 84 kdx200 for its maiden run Shifter was really...


Ok I need help. I took out my 84 kdx200 for its maiden run. Shifter was really stiff. I had to hand shift it. Was told it was probably a bent shift rod. Tore it apart again ( bought with messed up clutch) took out rod (had to punch out) found a bad burr filed down and put back in. Shifts fine centers itself I'm happy....... Put all back together, degreased case, put rtv on, let set before final tightening, added oil, straitened shifter. Put on chain, lubed it. shifted in gear once and it all locked up!!!!!!! I'm going crazy. Everything shifted so well before I put case back together. Anyone else have this problem??? Could it be my case is worn? it looked good. Or maybe end of shift rod??? Or my fears .....something in transmission? Any help would be great

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  • Double check the position of any/all thrust washers on the primary and out put shafts. Sounds like you have one wrong and binding everything up once you tighten the case halves.

  • Thats what I'm afraid of. The only thing I took off was the clutch assembly and shift rod. I don't know what the guy did I got it from :(

  • Is there a place I can find a parts breakdown online?

  • Try rocky mountain atv. Look under their oem parts page. It should show you a assembly diagram if you click on transmission. It's like an old microfiche. Also make sure the thrust washer is installed on the clutch basket correctly. If not it will bind everything up.

  • Thrust washer is good clutch works fine. Something in shifter/ gear assembly

  • If you take it apart remove the clutch basket, countershaft sprocket and the shift shaft. Turn the counter shaft by hand and try to shift gears by moving the shift mechanism. If it shifts then something's up with the shift shaft .

  • Do you have a gasket on the clutch cover? Without it, sometimes the clutch cover can push against the end of the shift shaft and cause it to bind.

  • No there was no gasket. I just rtv'd it. Thanks

  • Nathan Senior you nailed I on the head. After I took it all back apart. realigned shifter, reassembled, tightened cover it tightened right up, loosened bolts just a touch and shifts fine again. Now to find or make a gasket. Thanks for the help guys