Ok I know this is just the way it is but I need to vent Checking the oil in my...

Ok, I know this is just the way it is but I need to vent. Checking the oil in my V2K is just a pita. These moron engineers design and build a 800LB motorcycle that needs to be standing straight upright to check the oil and then don't put something like a center stand (like many of the older bikes had) on it to do so. The V2K isn't the only bike that's this way. I've had others. One either has to try and balance it with one hand and check the oil with the other or sit astride of it and balance it while twisting and bending to reach the dip stick. These idiot engineers need to either build a bike with a center stand or make it so the oil can be checked while bike is parked on the side stand. Well that's just my outlook on the issue. Thanks for letting me vent.

  • Damn autocorrect. Steal your neighbours deck boards

  • Well thanks for all the input everyone. I guess I just had to vent at the time. I had just been in the garage checking the oil before going for a ride. As normal I warmed the bike up, sat astride of it and pulled it upright to check the oil. As I leaned over to reach the dip stick my foot slipped. I jerked and twisted trying to catch the bike. Twisted my back. Fortunately the kick stand caught the bike. It didn't hit the floor. But now I did not get a ride as may back hurts. Think maybe pulled a muscle. Been checking the oil that way since I got the bike in 2014. So I was just pissed off and venting. But I still say the bike should have been built so one can check the oil with the bike on the kick stand. I am calmer now. Back hurts and knee is sore.

  • Just one of many little quirks of V2k ❤️❤️❤️

  • What oil?

  • Join my club of sore knee's !!! Lol. I truly feel for you. Should I say, I understand Dan Janousek Sr...

  • Start bike, let warm, stop and set for 3-5 minutes, Clean dip stick, put back in, stand bike straight, count to 10, set back on stand, check dip stick. Oil will stay at the highest level. No effort.

  • Exactly as I check mine, easy

  • I guess I cheat. I lift it with the air ride and slide a couple of 2x4 pieces of wood I have bolted together, then drop the bike. That said, I rarely check the oil. I change it regularly, use just under 6 quarts of Rotella T6 and the Purolator filter, and don't worry about it till my next oil change.

    I usually park like this to prevent accidental bike tipping.

  • I don't check the oil either. Just change like your supposed to and of course use same oil and filter as you. This bike is a pia to check oil so I just don't. .haha

  • Bike Lift is money well spent. Inexpensive and handy for other jobs as well as for storing the bike.

  • I keep a 2foot 8x8 standing in the corner of the shop takes no room and its quick and easy to slide right under it stands it up perfectly

  • Or 6x6 can't remember just measure. I've had it for years