Ok I have pics and video coming but What the he is the trick to getting...

Ok. I have pics and video coming but. What the he$% is the trick to getting exhaust to slide into position. I am getting frustrated.

  • I think a lot of cussing.

  • Patience.....

  • Cussing is not working. I tried. And i am attempting patience.

  • Find a second set of hands to help. I couldn't have gotten mine on without help

  • Ok then

    Thank you.

  • Second set of hands will do the trick. I had my wife hold the exhaust end lightly while I lined up everything. Helped tremendously and saved me a lot of busted knuckles and cussing.

  • I did plenty of cussing. I just posted video of the finished product. Now it is time to ride.

  • Install mounting plate first, leave slack. Lossen up or remove the radiator cover, you can use an angle socket or box wrench more easily, box wrench from the front of the frame tube between the radiator and frame. Install header and rear pipe loosely. Make sure to align, then hold them up with the mounting plate, loosely. Tighten header then rear pipe, followed by mounting bracket. Take your time, use new gaskets, add heat silicone. Make sure that the header is seated properly, common area for exhaust leak. Add rubber washers to the mountain plate to assist with the vibration.

  • Bingo,

  • Thank you.