OK I changed the oil in the beast for the first time dealer usually I put in...

OK I changed the oil in the beast for the first time(dealer usually). I put in 5.5quarts and checked it after running it for about 4 mins let it set a little while oil level is on the lower crosses should I add more or leave it?

  • Wow

  • what oil are you using in your bike, Bryan?

  • i put in shell t6 5-40

  • JC Riggs considering this is the first time I've changed it myself the shell that Bare recommended is what I got. I do not know exactly what the kaw. Dealership was using.

  • I was just curious. I've been using Mobil One 15 W 50 Full Synthetic in all of my bikes for the last 3 years. Some people love the idea, others are horrified. All I know is that I tend to ride hard, in 100+ degree heat, and have boiled out similar mineral oil. The synthetic has never done that, and it seems to be a very high detergent oil, and has a high zinc content. Thoughts?

  • I have never used Mobil one so I have no input on the oil itself. The weight of the oil is OK I guess considering with the temps you are riding in. You live where, that the temp is that high?

  • Yup. Temps here start nearing 100 degrees this time of year, and gradually exceed 100 within a month's time. In the winter it can get to 20 below ( a tad cold for this oil, but still okay, I guess).

  • I use Mobile One 10W-40 full synthetic, too. The 15W-40 was too heavy and caused lifter rattle. Been using this oil since I got the bike new in 2006. It was a left over. Did the 500 miles and changed it over to Mobile 1. Love the stuff.

  • Cool. I was wondering if guys preferred the higher viscosity oils, or not. Some are purists and only want to use oil made specifically for bikes, and my mechanic pretty much uses 20W50 in all bikes,

  • We hit 98 degrees here today.