Ok having made space in the garage for an imminent new car arrival imagine...

Ok, having made space in the garage for an imminent new car arrival (imagine, using a garage for parking a car?) I now realise that I have the space to carry out a proper restoration of my '99 D7 and have had a v good quote to sandblast and powder coat the major bits. So I'm going to preserve the old girl and do a proper job and restore her to (better than) factory. I have a ZX9RB4 USD front end without calipers, but I'm thinking of Nissin 4pots (90mm) spacing, and I have ZX9R wheels to go on. Rear swinger is an already procured and powder coated ZXR750H2. I'm reasonably good with the spanners but no Ninja (see what I did there?) and am a little intimidated at my choice of first resto.

So, point of the post is to ask you guys and gals your top tips on the job, especially the mods I'm planning.

I'll update this page with progress over the next few months and hope to get her on the road by summer.

Thanks in advance for your help....

  • I probably ought to start by updating my profile pic to include a ZZR!

  • Good on you man!!! Wish you all the best!!!

  • Thanks bud!

  • Where ya located??

  • S Somerset. Cider country.

  • Although much maligned the 6 pots are awesome brakes, but need regular rebuilds, the 4 pots need very little maintenance and are perfectly adequate. Top tips for taking it apart, assuming you haven't done it already, watch the rear engine bolts, unless it's been out before they will be seized, take care when removing the rad, the bottom mount regularly breaks off, everything else will fly apart, and it sounds great, keep us posted.

  • Thanks John, I upgraded the Tokicos to 4 pot Nissins on the original ZZR11 forks, which will go on the 'Bay eventually- they were night and day in perf. The engine hasn't been out before so I'll bear it in mind and put the photos up after the dismantle on Saturday.

  • They say you can up grade the rad to a zzr1200 twin fan...

  • Mark Ni Bhrogain ooh top tip! Ta

  • +1 what John said about rear mounts .. Make a note of the spacers .. A previous owner of mine cracked the engine mounts by omitting the spacers .. I had my C frame satin black powder coated looks good .. Good luck

  • Al, that's what I've priced up for the frame. Hoping for a good egfect

  • Here's a C model engine I removed recently with added angle grinder, late D models are just as prone to it

  • I got mine done at cray metal finishers in dartford Kent .. £160 for the frame, cradle, swing arm and top yoke and that includes the media blasting

  • She's beautiful! That's a good finish and gives me a bit of a push tbh!

  • Swing arm, shock linkage, spring, torque arm, rear hangers, fork lowers.. Think that was it..£200 ish. Nissin fireblade calipers on my d4. Confidence inspiring brakes.

  • Go for it ... I had the wheels blasted and sprayed them and used matt lacquer .. When the weather gets a bit warmer and I ain't gotta use a massive heater in my shed for spraying I'll finally spray the panels

  • I've had a quote for £240 for all components blasted and powder coated in satin black

  • Well been a while Al and been ever so patience wait on news about the old girl...

  • Al Randall how'd you finish the cam covers?

  • Mark this is her after getting her mot

  • Well finally!!!!! See wasn't to hard lol looks good!!!

  • I'm taking her for a run at the weekend I'll take a pic from the front for ya

  • Nice and glad your riding her with all the hard work you have put into her!!!

  • I sprayed the came cover .. It's the colour I'm having the bike .. Pearl lime green but the bike will have holographic chips in the paint