Ok Guys the faster c or is it a d will who on here has the big ones to hit that...


Ok Guys the faster c or is it a d will who on here has the big ones to hit that speed which is about 172 to 175mph anyone anyone lol then if you have them then you know as i don't think many has done over 155mph on c or d

%d comments
  • 160 two up and still pulling on the a77

  • 175 indicated on a closed private road of course

  • 160, crusing on half throttle with full set of soft luggage on...... then opened it up and shot forward..... don't know what I did in the end, I had to slow down as I was loosing sight of the lad behind me on the sports bike.

  • Did 270kph on the counter on my way back home in Germany last year with bagage and my 140kg

  • My D frome 93 a German inportid has don 189 mor then ones acording to the nedel flat out on a old airfield we have got nerbay.

  • Heading Home from NW Last year on my C2 down M1 heading for Belfast ferry a BMW RR overtook us mate nodded I gave him few yards then opened up past him at 180 then with big SMILE

  • Joe you mad man just as well it was not the police in unmarked bikes lol

  • Worse thing bro had our gear in his taxi and he said "I looked great you wiping the BMW on a 20yr old bike wish I hand taxi cam running"

  • Speedo only goes to 200mph!

  • The average standard ZZR1100 C or D in good fettle can manage 170 mph "TOP SPEED" give or take 5 mph in true life speed on a gps or radar. If your bike is doing 185 mph+ and had plenty left then you need to take in consideration the 7 to 10% inaccuracy of the speedometer dependent on tyre profile. To do a "true" 185 mph even with the big Z's fantastic aerodynamics would need 25+bhp extra. I only mention this because people seem to forget "facts" and reality when telling you how quick their bike is.