Ok guys so I dunno if you have heard of angel wax


Ok guys so I dunno if you have heard of angel wax.

They are a car polishing company.

They have also taken me on board as one of their testers however upon being asked what I would like to see in their product range I gave them some ideas and thought I would ask you guys as well, what would you like to see coming from a company like this for bikes?

I have now used quite a lot of their products and have been really impressed,

H2Go is their hydrophobic spray which is great on visors. A number of people stated they wouldn't risk it because it didn't say acrylic safe but I have spoken to their chemist and he assures me that it is and that they will be adding this information to the packaging and website. I have been using it on my visor for about 7 months now with no adverse effects

Corona is a synthetic wax which can be used on the bike and helmet however I have found that it is excellent for conditioning and waterproofing leathers.

Revelation is their fallout remover, it's fantastic on your wheels. Spray it on and leave for a little bit, gentle brush with a wheel brush and rinse and watch your wheels shine. It removes ferous metals and if there is any makes it go pink before you rinse.

Vision is their glass cleaner which I have been using on my visor for 7 months now and is excellent, good on household glass too.

I still have their quick detailer (qed), two of their waxes (angel wax being the advised for bikes) and their snow foam with foaming nozzle (fast foam) which I shall be doing in the next couple of days so I will keep you posted.


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  • Also on the h2go front, it's that effective and acrylic safe that police scotland have just signed a contract to have it for their bikers.

  • If your going to put in a bulk order phone and speak to matt, tell him Dave had said about a forum discount

  • O-ring safe tfr?

  • Tfr?

  • Traffic film remover.

    Prewash spray

  • Snow foam yeah I think so, have used different brands before and had no problems but will let you know as I need to go back and get one or two other bits and pieces

  • Do you by any chance own shares Dave? Lol

  • Nope I don't I also don't work for them or get paid by them I just feel that the biker community is unique that we actually help each other out rather than drive past each other or if we find something that we think is awesome or we find good discounts we pass it on so I am doing what I think is a favour for my fellow bikers

  • Erm there was a lol and a winky face there Dave

  • I know Darren but I realised that it could be misconstrued by others as well so I thought that I would take that opportunity to clear it all up :)