OK Guys my 07 has developed an issue Couple weeks ago rode it home everything...

OK Guys, my 07 has developed an issue. Couple weeks ago, rode it home, everything working, and running fine. It sat for a couple of days, was dirty, so I washed it. Since then it will not start. engine turns over good (I have a battery tender on it) but will not fire. Figured it was fuel pump. Got one, installed it, (after 60,000 mile the filter needed replacing anyways) and still no go. I have even double checked all the fuses. Can't believe the bath caused this. Seems to be fuel issue, like no power to fuel pump. I even disconnected the Dobek EJK just in case that went bad, nope. Can't get any fault codes, because engine will not start. The only thing I can see different is the headlight is on all the time now when I turn on the switch. It's only suppose to come on after engine starts. Any ideas?

  • Its happened to me before. I took the plugs out and dried the chamber, plugs, & boot with an air hose.

    started right up afterwards.

  • right now I have nothing to loose. Going to check fuel pressure out of the pump also. Thanks David.

  • Kickstand switch and stop run switch on bars. Did you use a pressure washer

  • I never wash mine with water I have the spray cleaner and a rag

  • OK update....found the relay assembly the problem right now. It sits directly under the battery. Apparently had some battery acid dripped down onto the top of the relay assembly and ate a hole through the top case (actually about 1/4 of the case) and then when I washed the bike water got into relay assembly and fried the electronics within the case. I to don't wash my bike all the time, but got caught in the rain a couple of times this past month, and it had mud and crud all over

  • Ask Bare Carr he will know

  • I have fouled plugs on my 500 before when washing it. The 500 has deep wells that the plugs sit in and the 2000 kind of does as well. Might be your culprit

  • already know what the problem is guys, the "Relay Assembly". see my update post. Not a part that goes out very often. This part operates the starter, fuel pump during starting, head light while starting. Just waiting for part to hit my hands.