Ok guys I m working on an 04 ninja 250r I recently changed the brake pads on...


Ok guys I'm working on an 04 ninja 250r. I recently changed the brake pads on it. Front brake works fine but rear brake grabs but grinds. I cleaned off the rust in the rotor as its been sitting for a bit but brake does same thing. I checked brake fluid it's filled. I checked how far it goes down to grab the rotor it moved slightly as new pads but doesn't seem to release like it should any thoughts on what's causing it.

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  • The slides that the caliper is probably freezing up. Take the slides out of the caliper and clean then up, and put some caliper grease on the slides. I'm assuming ur bike has slides

  • Or bent caliper

  • I don't think caliper is bent it didn't start doing it until I changed pads and pads had pretty much no life on them

  • Awww

  • Did you put the pads in backwards? With disc brakes there is zero gap between the pads and rotor so there shouldnt be any "return" when you let off the pedal as long as the brakes release and the wheel spins freely the caliper should be fine

  • a grind is caused by the friction between two metal objects. Put it on a rear stand and try to replicate it while you turn the wheel and lightly apply the brakes. Could be anything from a mistake in the inslall, the caliper being misaligned, a backwards pad, a metal shim not in place or the rotor could have too musch rust damage. First step is to find the source of the noise and then go where it takes you.