Ok guys I hooked up the Freedom Performance sharp curve radius pipes yesterday


Ok guys, I hooked up the Freedom Performance sharp curve radius pipes yesterday(the flippin morons didn't even include instructions in the box) & now I'm getting popping when I decelerate & even after shifting from gear to gear. I do have the 02 sensor installed..... suggestions?

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  • You have a leak when you let up on it, it sucks air in and reignites the fumes in the pipes. So check the seal at the heads

  • Thnx guys, that's what my thoughts were as well.

  • The front pipe is tricky. New gaskets are a must. I found that if I let the pipes warm up a couple of minutes, then use an offset socket or box wrench, I can slowly tighten it up with no issues. Also I have heard that disconnecting the battery and plugging it back in may assist the ECU on some of the newer bikes, not positive it helps the VN2000, but it couldn't hurt.

  • Thnx Rod, mine is the '05 Limited

  • Mine a 05 limited also im thinking of pipes but not sure how loud straits are vs. V&H Power shots

  • Jeff Darwin Miller, the V&H's are a good call. I couldn't wait to get these Freedom pipes on mine, but now I'm not all that impressed. I used to have the Cobra slashcut pipes & they were great. Gonna take some time with the Freedom pipes & see if they grow on me, but I thought they'd be louder?

  • Jeff Darwin Miller, I had the OEM pipes & took the mufflers off & it sounds awesome, but hey, that's just me. HA-HA

  • I bet that is the definition of loud.

  • Oh yeah buddy, I dig LOUD....

    If I don't go deaf, it ain't workin' right. Lol

  • What did you just say ??? Brian Foote, can't hear you... What??? Lol. Man, that Red on the tank really jumps out with the badge off...

  • It really does Mike, though, I wish it was that bright shiny red metallic

  • it will be hot at the bag - does it?

  • Not too bad, but they're off now & was replaced with Freedom sharp curves.

  • Brian Foote they looks great (y)

  • I just fitted the ones to my 2vk and had the same problem. New gaskets and it was sorted. Still bangs on over run. The front header is akward. I removed the top rad bolt and took off the top hose. You can then pull the rad forward and get to the front header stud. They are loud!!!!!!

  • Ian Fraser, especially when you try it without the baffles! Ha

    Yes, that front bolt seems to be the biggest pain in the azz. Where did you get your gasket set from, were they included in the box? They did not include them in my box nor did they include the assembly instructions.

  • No I had to get mine from a local bike shop. No istructions. I tried various ways of fitting them before I got it right. In doing that I scratched the black finish on the heat guards. Must be the thinest paint job I have ever seem. I aim to take them off and paint them again. No baffles inc. I live in Aberdeen, Scotland. Baffles are only available in the USA. Import costs and postage are huge. I had to buy my oipes from the states. Nowhere else stocks them.