Ok guys having a bit of a problem here Did my MOT last week and noticed that I...

Ok guys, having a bit of a problem here. Did my MOT last week and noticed that I suddenly had quite a slack on my chain. So I went to the garage and adjusted it and it all seemed fine. Now, my chain and sprockets isn't exactly new. But they should be ok for at least another 2-3000 km. Yesterday I drove a couple of miles on gravel (my stupid brother insists to live in the woods), and today when I was about to wash the bike I discovered this.

I could move the rear sprocket carrier quite a bit (not just the sprocket itself), and the chain got quite a slack again. I checked the adjustment and it's still on the marks that I last put them. I went home to get some dinner and when I checked it again now I can still the move sprocket carrier, but not as much that I could before when it was wet...

Can a worn out cush drive cause all this or could it be something more involved?

I checked the sprocket carrier on my friends bike. It's definitely more solid and I can't move that around the same way.

  • Are the Crush Drive rubbers OK?

  • Could it be the wheel its slef like wheel bearings

  • Id say the inner spacer is missing. And the Cush drive is now wearing and allowing the movement

  • I can't move the wheel separately so I don't think it's the wheel. I didn't have the time to remove the wheel today. My first thought was that it's the cush drive or if it's possible that the wheel somehow has come loose.

    Actually my first thought was that I'm a lucky guy. I was doing 250 km/h on the clock 15 minutes earlier. So I'm just glad that nothing worse happened ☺

    I'm gonna remove the wheel this week. Anything I need to know before I do that and what tools do I need?

  • Guess I need to look into that when I remove the wheel. I'm guessing the spacer should be fitted between the swing arm and sprocket carrier?

  • No special tools needed. If Cush drive is worn the movement would be up and down not in and out. The bearings would have to be really bad to allow that much movement and you'd really hear it. I still suspect the inner spacer missing. Have you had the bike long.

  • A bit strange though as I haven't had any problems with this since I bought it last summer, and that sound like something I should have noticed earlier.

  • only and best thing you can do is remove wheel and check it out.

  • Bought it last summer. The noise is mostly coming from the chain moving sideways on the sprocket. But there is some noise from the sprocket carrier as well.

  • The sprocket carrier also has a support bearing as well as the wheel. So there's 3 bearings in total.

  • Ok. So it could possibly be the spacer and the bearing then? Sounds about right to me.

  • Let me know how you get on.

  • Will do ☺

  • Is the "bolt" on the axle on the right side of the wheel? And can I hold the axle if I leave it clamped on the opposite side while I remove the bolt?

  • These pics might help

  • Check cush drive wear by putting bike in gear and try to turn wheel. If wheel moves and sprocket doesn't, it's a worn cush drive.

    If you can move wheel away and toward you when pushing in the direction of the axle it's bearings or spacers. If you tighten wheel nut properly, all the spacers and bearing inner races should be clamped solidly together, so any wheel movement would indicate worn bearings.

  • It's worth remembering to tighten the wheel spindle before tightening the eccentric adjusters. Might be worth checking that first.

  • Is spindle what I called axle?

  • Roger Strömberg yes it is

  • Yea that's the 20 odd year old bearing.

    Buy the full set. carrier bearing is easy to do and will probably be in better condition than the wheel bearings.

    the wheel bearings can be tapped out through the holes between spokes, one Side is done first then you remove the tube in the middle and tap the other side out through the Axle hole

  • your cush drive will be knackered after you accelerate twice so it's worth doing the lot

  • If i remember correctly there is a bearing in the sprocket carrier as well as the wheel. It could just be that bearing thats failed

  • Have to agree with a few here....sprocket carrier bearing gone or spacer missed out between wheel and carrier