Ok folks iv put off all this long enough I have a 2014 teryx le headed to the...


Ok folks, iv put off all this long enough, I have a 2014 teryx le, headed to the tire shop to see what's out there, I liked the factory Bighorn 2.0 that come on it, and kinda don't want to stray considering iv put 1600 miles on them and am just now starting to notice issues with getting around. My only complaint, they seem softer, someone said to see about a higher ply tire. What's your thoughts? Next question, the shop by me said I could put one size bigger tire without having clearance issues on the unit and gain some found clearance, but won't have to do any upgrades as far as axles and drive line is this a true statement? Next and final questions, belts, still have the original belt with 1600 mils on it, what should I run next? And does anyone have any information on how to change them, I'm really not even sure where to begin on changing it.

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  • Passenger side take it ALL apart lol easiest way to it

  • STI Roctanes.

  • I researched this myself. I'm going with original bighorns next time in a 27-12. They are supposed to be heartier and actually measure like 27.5 . I ripped a hole in one off my 2.0s before I got 200 miles on it. Replaced them with a brand from discount tire and they run exactly one inch too small. So I'm riding on 25's on the front.

  • 29.5 assassinators

  • I liked the 2.0, I hardly ever run 4wd doing anything because those 2.0 are just that good. Here in southeastern Ohio we have alittle bit of everything, sandy gravely stuff to rocky mossy, wetlands, swaps and moderate snowfall. In the winter I basically left it in four-wheel drive only because it did help the handling in deep snow. But the 2.0 seem soft, even over inflated, now having basic knowledge on tires and traction and such these tire might be the incredible tire they are because they are soft and will give even at high pressure making them that unbelievable tire, and a higher ply tire may take that away, but if I can go in 2wd with this ply than next or couple steps up I should still be able to achieve this in 4wd.

  • I suggest blowing all that built up dust out

  • Built up dust where?

  • In the primary. I tried to upload a vid but couldn't get it to go thru. I changed mine on my '14 at about 1400 miles. Was a lot of belt dust in there.

  • Oh ok, ya, I know this belt has to be pretty chooched, its getting to the point that occasionally when it's warm il go to take off and it will just squall and carry on

  • Mine sounded like it was about to come they the cover. Thought for sure it was hangin by a thread. Had about 2 in that I smoked

  • Ya mine sounds like hell when I show down, it wines really loud. My judgement says a gearbox is bad, but other side by side and fourwheeler people say it's a belt. I work on and own some of the largest mining equipment around so this thing I'd kinda Greek to me

  • I'd definitely start w the belt. Lol

  • I'm running 26.5 terminators stock and it does damn good.

  • Assuming the dam fuel tank that's clear fuckin full of fuel because nothing I ever own could break down with a quarter or half tank...... its literally spilling out the full spout full.... so probably going to get a bucket and sucker pump tomorrow, but assuming it has to go out the back of the machine like where the toolboxes are????