Ok fellas going on a riding trip in 3 weeks Only thing I have done to my...


Ok fellas... going on a riding trip in 3 weeks. Only thing I have done to my teryx so far is AArm guards...

Any advice on what to stay away from? I'm so nervous now since my last experience that im almost afraid to cross a damn stream for the fear of something breaking. I've read that eps sensors blow the first time they get wet...people saying to avoid mud... just curious as to what everyones experience is with all the different obstacles that riding trips throw at you!??



Rocky roads?



Going to mountain ridge trails in PA. Let me hear your thoughts!

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  • Several owners had the lower hose clamp next to the oil dipstick come loose and lost some coolant.I checked mine and it was a little loose but not leaking.

  • I pulled my center console off yesterday and checked what I could reach with a tool and every hose clamp was loose. I do have 425 miles but depending on your miles I would check every nut , bolt and clamp..then go rip

  • Clean electrical connections with contact cleaner then put bulb grease in them

  • I don't avoid anything haven't had one problem in a year been under water numerous times shut off under water but never over intake which is up by the speedometer but even before I snorkeled it but did have it shut off in water and skip once before I packed ecu and plug wires and all the fuses be careful of hitting ruts or sinks can dimple the frame at the back of the a arm I used dieletic grease probably spelt it wrong though

  • 1700 miles in 10 months, just drive it

  • In Nevada we have sharp rocks on steep hills, carry a tire plug kit!!! After driving in mud check the screen cover on the radiator. Ok, I've used the plug kit once and we have the rockiest trails in the USA. I think you should relax and enjoy your beast of a machine. Have a great time!

  • Buried it. Had to use get a local with a backhoe to get it out. Put another 300 miles in the next 2 days with in being very very mud packed. You can only prepare for so much, just ride and enjoy it.

  • No problems out of mine

  • Just add mud, you'll be ok. :-)