Ok boys and girls My shop guy had an 89 rmx he brought in because of an...


Ok boys and girls. My shop guy had an 89 rmx he brought in because of an "antifreeze leak"..the Braniac ran it with no antifreeze...long story short a ring snagged a port, breaking a piece of piston off. No telling what kind of damage was done to the bottom. Probably a lot. The owner never returned for the bike..its been almost 3 yrs. $100 and he said its mine. This thing is 28 yrs old. It is a heap. I mite give this vintage restoration thing a shot. Im prepared to spend 2 yrs...probably 2000 -3000 to get it woods ready. What do yall think? For $100 why not..we dont get the "its not a kawasaki, its not allowed on the page" b.s. in this group..that garbage is on the kid's pages

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  • For $100 it's worth it even for a part out.

  • thats an option...but ive always wanted one of these....they're still out there...i found a big bore 300cc kit for $400..parts are still available for stock 250's...theres 2 cranks, and one pair of matched engine cases on ebay....i think you know which direction im leaning Eric

  • its 28 years old and looks like i....faded plastic, seized linkage, you know the drill...but people restore yz's from the 80's that look awesome....it should be possible with this

  • It definitely would make a fun project

  • Aren't those an rmx?

  • I think these 2 would look great together in the garage....

  • yes they would..i'd love one....Ever since I did a National Hare Scramble many many moons ago and saw a ton of these fly by me ive wanted one...these were AA riders but damn they looked sweet

  • im doin some homework on that 300cc mod. Those are extremely rare...I dont know if the stock rod will work, the pin size has to match, the rings have to match up, the little stoppers in the piston cant be lined up over a port (they'll snag)..theres a lot to consider. But i like the idea of having a 300cc ..thats my era too

  • Fix it.Then ride it and don't hide it...

  • I have a 88 rm 250 crazy fast... Eric Lockshire I ended up getting that 91 kdx with the title thanks for the help

  • Ok- here's my .02 from a KDX dude with a friend with a RMX. RMX has always been a great bike according to the riders and DirtBike magazines. The technology won't feel like 28 years old when it's done- but don't go upside down with the value. I ride a 05 and it's pretty much brand new and will keep up with the new Beta's, KTM's and any other shit you want to throw at her that's upwards of a 10,000.00 bike. Buuuutttttt,,,, I would offer him 50. instead of 100 for your hassle, and then smile while enjoying bringing another shit box back to life. [my 05]

  • I'm glad you picked it up Don Bourgeois. I contacted him back to see if he still had it maybe like a couple days ago and he said he just sold it. LOL so obviously that was you that bought it. You have to post pics on the page for everyone. A street legal KDX

  • I'm surprised it took him as long as it did to sell that bike. Being street legal and all.

  • Do it if you have the $ and time.

  • Im cool...whatever i do its gonna be a little at i time..im gonna be more patient this time

  • i'd kinda like to see that thing too Don

  • Rmx and the 2 stroke wr are awsome bikes all luv them

  • RMX250 is one of my all time favorite bikes.

  • I'd try $0 seeing as he owes you

  • How does he owe me?

  • I'd say probably a hundred or so

  • Just trying to get it race ready for may 6th first race of the season.ill post some pics and vids then..still not sure if im going to street reg it but maybe

  • If you are a legit shop, he owes at least that. Storage fees aren't cheap. With that said, it's an RMX. I hardly see any value in a restored bike as it's not old enough to be cool but if it's a bike you want, go for it.