Ok about year ago I asked about hitches for the vn2000 I copied the site but...

Ok about year ago I asked about hitches for the vn2000. I copied the site but have had to change phones since n have lost the site. Im breaking down n buying one. A little help on the site please... oh ya also going darkside next so has to be compatable with that.

  • Wow pictures even

  • Awsome that's exactly what I got. Thanks Art Wilton.

  • Btw art I went with the lithium ion battery this year . I paid same price as the other n its so lightweight n nice. Youve got to get it next after. Promise you'll love.

  • Thanks jerry. I have been using lithium iron phosphate battery for 4 years. Was in my 1500 and now in the beast. Are you still going darkside. I had to square off the opening in the denray to make room for the 205. It's a tight fit but everything clears nicely

  • Yup soon as this one wears out. Thanks Art I will remember if not ill be on here. Lol

  • One day winter will finally leave my part of ontario and I can actually ride the monster. So much has been done this winter I am gonna look like a new rider for a bit

  • Mmm I don't know if winter will leave ontario!

  • We r expecting 20 cm in sudbury tomorrow where abouts r u

  • Barrie. We are on the line rain or snow not sure which

  • Was at deerhurst sat evening glad I had the truck lol

  • hey Jerry Paschal i bought from mchitch. made in USA. for $240 not hidden.

  • Got a link Bryan Riggs

  • i have one on my 07 which is black and grey so it blends nice. and with running a 225-50-16ct on the back i didn't want to take a chance of it rubbing.