Ok 83 thru 85 kdx 200 piston std Where can i get one This one in it has way...

Ok 83 thru 85 kdx 200 piston std. Where can i get one? This one in it has way to mu h side to side gap on rod end to make me well comfortable

  • Ok. Thanks

  • Jeff can help with anything KDX http://www.frpoffroad.com/inde x.htm

  • Jeff can help with anything KDX http://www.frpoffroad.com/inde x.htm

  • 2-stroke pistons are "bore steered". In other words, any side thrust on the piston is taken through the piston skirt and into the bore wall.

    That gap is 100% normal. Even the Suzukis and old Euro bikes that have the thrust washers on the little end, let the big end float side-to-side.

    So... You'd be mad to replace the piston for that reason.

    You can buy new Wiseco pistons from virtually any bike shop on the planet.

  • Wiseco does not make pistons for 1st generation kdx200. Only 86 and up. They will make them BUT you have to purchase a dozen

  • I spoke to Jeff Fredette about fitting a 86 up piston in my 84 and he said it would work. I believe the bore and stroke is the same throughout the years.

  • Yes. Kawasaki has multiple part numbers for various KDX pistons, but they're all interchangeable. Wiseco has the one part number from 86+, to Kawasaki's 4(?) different part numbers.

    The KDX200 motor is a classic grandfather's axe - they used the same architecture all the way through (bore/stroke, rod, mounting points, shaft spacing etc).

  • 86 was the first year of power valve. The pistons are different

  • Different but interchangable. I ran my 84 on an 86 piston for years.

  • Im mounting an 87 i just pulled out of donor bike. Clearances are all good. Just ordered an 86 up piston and ring. Gonna let it rip tator chip. Thanks for the input all