• Oil level zzr 1100 1991

    Oil level zzr 1100 1991

    the oil level has dropped down. The bike has been sitting on the center stand for weeks now. Since i finally got it started, with the help on this site, it has slowly dropped. There is not an oil leak. I know you should check the level 5 mins after running the bike. I just thought the level would now be settled down and i could top it up to the mark after all this time stood still...?

    • My 89 ZX10 does exactly the same thing. To the point where you can't see any oil in the window. I've been told it's nothing to worry about. The oil is back filling the cooler over time.

      As long as the level is between the marks when you switch off and check after thoroughly warming up, then it is OK.

    • if u need any help on zzr 1100s im quite good on them ive got one now and had 4 and a d

    • Level should be checked with wheels on floor NOT on centre stand

    • Many thanks for the help guys

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    • ive got one

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    • go on messenger ive just sent you a message

    • ok

    • I've never thought of that, the ZX10 manual simply states "situate the motorcycle so that it is perpendicular to the ground". Thinking about it now it becomes obvious that the rear wheel is lifted a few inches of the ground. Which means the engine is canted forward by a few degrees. Which in turn would allow the oil to back fill the cooler as I stated above.

    • The cooler is a closed circuit so no oil will go back into the cooler , it holds a fixed volume , but oil will move to the front of the engine and the sight glass will be raised as the engine is tilted forward