• Often see lots of posts on various motorbike pages referring to stupid cagers...

    Often see lots of posts on various motorbike pages referring to 'stupid cagers' or 'blind cagers' pulling out on bikes but last night had the opposite happen to me when driving home from work. Nearly skittled a rider & pillion after he pulled right out in front of me. Had to brake & swerve and I was doing less than 30 miles an hour so that's how close it was! Bet his pillion thanked him for that!

    • I had a similar thing happen just last night. A little learner on a 125 was travelling 10mph under the speed limit and the car in front of me who was directly behind this guy on his bike, was so far up his ass he was continually braking and from what looked like not enough braking distance for 10mph!

      The guy on the scooter must of been shitting himself, so i kept back just incase the asshole caused an accident.

      Some people do amaze me at times

    • Good and bad on both sides Les, thankfully they're still in the minority if the stats are to be believed. The perception when bikers offend is worse because there are a lot less of us versus car drivers, hence all "cagers" tarring us all with the same brush :(

      Seen some really awful riding from bikers whilst driving a cage that made me cringe and want to chase, stop, lecture!

    • Unfortunately, the minority that really need talking to are mostly so ignorant and no amount of talking to will make any difference.

    • I think it was just a mis-judgement on his part to be honest. Motorcyclists don't tent to put themselves in front of a car like that. It was about 5:45pm and there was low sun behind me at the time.

    • A real bike or scooter ?

    • It was a ZZR600

    • That low sun explains quite a lot.