Off to the shop to chop. Will never be he same again


Off to the shop to chop. Will never be he same again.

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  • What is an "important" bike? My bikes are very important to me !

  • Important is historically important. With provenance, social, military or racing history and rarity.

    The W650 is an exceptional motorcycle but has about as much importance to the history of motorcycling as the average Honda step through.

    As a result what people do to them is their business. Want to hard tail it? Sure. Cafe racer it? Sure. Paint it pink and set fire to it? Go for it. It's his bike and he can do whatever he wants to it!

  • Heartbreaking all the same.

  • Why?

  • They are a great foundation to chop..

  • In 10 years they will have 25... and there will be no original ones ;) but Jack did some mods to his too... but he respected the bike's essence.

  • Provenance and respect are often a retrospective notion. I think the Dub will be a future classic, principly because it will last. It is a relatively conventional motorcycle, durable, the last of a breed, carbs, metal tank, and esteemed by choppers, bobbers and cafers evrywhere.

  • Oh it's approaching classic already. And in the years to come clean, unmolested examples will be the most sought after. And Jack and the other people who keep them stock will be laughing. But in the meantime, it's not a Red Hunter or something like that getting cafe'd out.

  • Well, y'all are going to hate what I'm going to do to mine.

  • Get it done .

  • That looks like Earnshaws finest..

  • Dont talk to me about sophistication Richard , I've bin to Leeds !

  • Location makes a big difference. If you're in the UK or Europe or Asia maybe they're plentiful and common. Here in North America they've been rare since the beginning. Best guess has always been approximately 2000 imported during 2000/2001. Deduct the cut/chopped/bobbed and crashed ones .... See where I'm going?

  • To chop, or not to chop? An age-old question. There are as many correct answers as there are owners of W650s.

  • Hey Jamie, did you build those? The one furthest from the camera is rather swanky!

  • Yes john, built this one for my son .