NOW ON EBAY Unfortunately the time has come to sell both of my Kawasaki s the...


NOW ON EBAY, Unfortunately the time has come to sell both of my Kawasaki s , the Zxr750 h1 is a almost mint condition UK bike with only 23k on it and a very expensive stainless steel full exhaust , standard look and sound, on it and 2 almost brand new Michelin pilot sport tyres. The zxr400 sp is a j1 version which is basically a h1 model but the homoligation one they only ever made 200 of these so it is incredibly rare , they have a close ratio box vernier camshafts uprated suspension solo seat etc it is in very good condition but it does have some fairing damage but it doesn't affect the riding of the bike this also has relatively new Michelin pilot sport tyres. Both are mot d but I will be putting a full years mot on them when I sell them , pm me if you are interested thanks . I'm located near Chelmsford Essex . also like to add the Zxr750 is unrestored and never painted or damaged near perfect . Now On EBAY

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  • How much for the H1. From galleywood

  • I see u know Darren foster

  • Yeah I used to work with him.small world . was looking for around £2500 . but it is mint thanks

  • @ Davy Kerekes the sp or j1 version had obviously a solo seat , but it also had uprated suspension, vernier camshaft pulleys , a close ratio box, and I believe slightly different carbs. The j2\sp had more adjustable forks and flat sided carbs . both were limited to 200 units for homoligation so they could make a race bike version thanks

  • aha ok thnx

  • A pitty u selling both bikes

  • Yeah I'm am and I know

  • ent you a message Stuart Petheram

  • Now on EBay

  • At that price u clearly love the bike and want it to go to a good home. Shame it's out of my league,but good to see a very clean example still out there.