Not my bike. Pic from Norrtälje bike show. Finnish bike though


Not my bike. Pic from Norrtälje bike show. Finnish bike though.

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  • Hahahahaa! Yeah, there's no caliper (and front brake lever & master cylinder)!

    The owner (or someone) will argue: "It's a Work In Progress!" :v

    (I have to say that the seat looks really nice. Nevermind how it feels to sit on it, let alone sit on it and ride the bike!)

  • Whoops! I take it back about the front brake. Sorry.

  • Somebody please feed it.

  • I still find this more criminal... (Vincent engine...Arghhh!)

  • Yeah. Must be a very rich (or clueless) owner to allow a potentially-expensive Vincent (unchopped, that is) to be turned into that! Or maybe all he got was an engine sans everything else...

    But at least it has an operational front brake! Haha!

  • is better...

  • Definitely better... to look at! And even better if someone can pay you good $$ for it! I gladly admit that I don't have the mental, physical and financial resilience to maintain a Triumph like that. Haha!

  • money down the drain Azlan

  • Yep, be nice on your wall ;-)

  • Chop all Vincents! Agree if a chop ain't set up right...... disaster!

    Johnny baby, I ain't stuck in 70's.....

    I a man of all seasons ;-)