Nice ride out today Quickshifter gear changes and being rocketed forward on...

Nice ride out today. Quickshifter gear changes and being rocketed forward on the torque curve! It just never, ever stops being so much fun!!

  • how does the quick shifter work? what that all about

  • You don't need to shut the throttle off or use the clutch Richard. The system cuts the engine for a couple of micro seconds and you can shift up without letting off the gas. Sounds awesome and gives even more acceleration. It is great on overtakes :)

  • Where did you buy the protection for the Akra?

  • Hi Dascalu. They are from R & G. I bought them for my gen 1 with the smaller akeys. They fit the gen 2, but have to be lower down due to size of cans. Still a good bit of protection though and look good! ;) ebike/Kawasaki/ZZR1400_(ZX-14)/upto_2011/EP0012BK/

  • Thanks for the info. If i would have this 2months ago maybe my Akra will not have now a dent in it. Thanks buddy.

  • Ahhh! Sorry to hear about the dent!! The Akeys looks good and are expensive!! ;)

  • I have only one kidney after the purchase

  • Hahahah!!! Good un!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Which quickshifter you fitted Geoff? Does it work up and down the box?

  • Hi Pete. I fitted a Healtech QS about 12 months ago. It only works on upshift. You need an auto blipper for the down shifts. The Healtech doesn't have that facility. It is however a great aftermarket item. You control & set all the timings from a mobile phone app!! As good as the factory fitted QS on my Tuono V4R.


  • Nice one thanks mate, I've been looking at the HM Quickshifter superlite as I think it would make sense given the absolute ferocity of the acceleration of the ZZR. Make it a little easier to hold on

  • Good shout mate. I looked at HM. I'm sure they're just as good. However the Healtech offers the same spec at a lower price. At the end of the day you pays ya money & takes ya choice! Bottom line is that a QS is just bloody great fun!! ;)

  • I have a Healtech QS, all being well i should have it fitted in the next couple of weeks with a few other minor mods :-)

  • I've found it to be an excellent unit Jonathan. The ability to set it up to suit your bike, boots & riding style is superb! :)

  • I have HM lever type for my zed. 70%sensitivity and 55ms kill time( I shift above 7k rpm). Was a bargain since the guy was "unable "to set it proprely. I payed 100pounds on it

  • Smooth move Dascalu! I've my Healtech set for 4k. Nevertheless, I agree that whatever make, the QS works better at higher rev ranges. Defo better to let the engine spin up for flawless shifts! :)

  • Just a test

  • So you can set it so you cant use it below a certain rev range?

  • At low rpm the shift is not smooth and there is a chance to fuck up the gears.

  • Yes Pete. You set the RPM it activates at, along with engine cut off times etc.

  • Nice one chaps good to know

  • As Dascalu says, a QS (of whatever make) is not designed for use at low revs....

  • This is for healtec. HM has compresion or extension seting,kill time and sensitivity. For me was the perfect solution need to replace the rear sets ,links and shit. And aaaah ......was dirt cheap:))

  • Anitori is another verry well build QS. But kinda expensive

  • I have a HM quickshifter, it's great, love it.