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I cannot post photo to facebook as it is difficult to access in Viet Nam. Could you guys please let me know the name of the two following parts (the chrome steel covers) and where I can get those parts? That's because those parts of my bike are little rusty. Thanks a bunch for your comment.

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  • You can use the official online parts catalogue: log/kmj/html/PCSearch.html

    You can even check parts price, but you have to find a dealer to order them

  • The parts you are looking for is "head light holder" and "coil cover", but usually the head light holders are black, they are only chrome on the special chrome version... you might need to confirm that.

  • Thanks you so much Bman. With your suggestion, I have found some websites which sell OEM parts and now have to consider which one to buy from :). Tks again :)