• Next mod for my fighter

    Next mod for my fighter..

    • Im gonna move my rec..iirc there are handy holes for it on the rhs towards the back..still need to work out which swingarm to fit

    • Mick Megan Daggy Dagnall 636. Need to move rec and shave a few mm off of the lower shock bush..or use 636 lower bush.

    • You got a 636 rear swinger on that already? Looks a nice project buddy

    • No thats my previous bike with zx6r swingarm and 636 shock..this is the current bike

    • Just fitted same mirrors this afternoon. Found I still needed to use the extenders though

    • Mine seem ok..but not ridden it anywhere yet. I am running renthal ultra low bars though..

    • Not changed the fork tops yet I see :)

    • Summer hols and crap weather..

    • Tell me about it, I've got two weeks off work to do some decking in the garden and haven't really started yet #britishweather

    • Ive got the same mirrors, only down side of them is the paint flakes off after a few years.

    • Hammerite Gene, lol