• New z1000sx

    New z1000sx!!!!

    • Bellissimo!

    • Still the same power though I believe ? 122bhp at the wheel still way behind Yamaha , BMW and Suzuki ?

    • 142 hp.....

    • 122 at the wheel , exactly same as the last model

    • 140 bhp @ the wheel I thought

    • 140 @ the wheel would mean it would have to be around 165 bhp , kawasaki dealer told me it was exactly the same powere as the last model 143bhp at crank but 122 at the wheel

    • New

    • My 2015

    • Well, it is really only cornering abs and led lights that they have added. Different fairing, electronic tacho, different windscreen are of secondary importance to me. No change to the engine or susupension. Same bike as 2016 with difffrent plastics and modified electronics...I am not impressed

    • Auto blipper.. Gear indicator.

      My 2012 z1000sx is ancient compared to this. It only have ABS.

    • I concurred, most dynos saw 122 hp at wheel.

    • 2017 model ?

    • Yes