New to the tecate4 what upgrades should I be on the hunt for

New to the tecate4 what upgrades should I be on the hunt for .

  • I also love the pvl but you won't be able to run your headlight. Them pvls have a nice arch and will fuckin near burn water.... not really but they throw an intense spark

  • First thing doing is finding a spare cylinder then pipe reeds get kit ...then get the cylinder back

  • Did cool head make a head for this I will be running vp so I will need a dome

  • sprock racing. I'm not sure if you can get one through Corey sprock or go through ORI

  • Nice ..when I get her home tomorrow ..i will be able to start the priority list

  • you can rework the stock head. imo only real benefit of a cool head is the domes interchange so you could flip flop if needed

  • Anything and everything because people are hoarding it up

  • what do ya mean joe?

  • It goes as fast as it gets posted lately

  • ya for sure. but now that Joel Little got a frame over to Mike@HRE suspension upgrades hybrid or stock modified are just a phone call and credit card away. No more buying over priced bent aftermarket tecate junk

  • engine works was always there... and then guys like me have been pushing the envelope for year retro fitting everything the pros use to fit our tecates. bright days ahead. we just need to figure out the plastics. ..

  • The frame is for sure a huuuge break through that I will take advantage of

  • Make it wider

  • At her new home .

  • The oil is not from the tecate4 lol silly hondas