New to the bike world what kind of gear is the best for the money


New to the bike world what kind of gear is the best for the money??

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  • Icon

  • Twinkies!!!

  • Since you guys have the same exact bike what exhaust are y'all running

  • Shoei arai for a lid, rev it for Apparel

  • Shoei lid, sidi boots, alpinestars gloves, icon jacket.

  • I bought an HJC when I picked up the bike

  • Stock exhaust for now.

  • I'm thinking about going with a yoshi

  • Speed and strength offers good bang for the buck for jackets. Get riding gloves by alpinestars or rev it. Shoes by tcx or alpinestars. The lightest and the best. Riding pants can be of your choice. If jeans should be Kevlar with protection inserts.

  • I like Icon stuff. Every time I try to buy cheap I regret it. It either falls apart or is uncomfortable or something. You can find good name brand stuff on cl or riding groups on FB.

  • If you go with Speed and Strength do not go with the lower end jackets as they fall apart, the higher end ones are awesome though! That HJC CL-17 is a great lid for the money! I also really like Cortech gloves. Spend your money of riding gear if your limited on funds then once your riding safe then you can get the less needed sound and looks stuff for your bike and I would start with a rear fender eliminator first when you get there.

  • find what fits you right, then narrow it down to cost. Helmets can be a PITA. try a bunch of different brands. you'd be surprised what fits and doesn't fit. for me, I love Scorpion, HJC, Shoei. Shark looks cool but doesn't fit, nor does Arai. I have A-stars 2pc without pants since they had to cut em off. Love em for the money. I have spent more money on the nice stuff but that was because the selection was quite limited back in the 90's/2000's. now, there are a TON of choices.