• New tires

    New tires

    Pirelli Angel GT

    • Looks good!

    • Besten reifen für die Lady ^^

    • Best tyre, ready for my second set almost,

    • Are these the ones I've been told about that depending on hard you ride on them they show an angel or devil in tread pattern? or is that just a wind up

    • Had those, but Pirelli Angel S/T. I think they wear off too soon... switching to Michelin Pilot Road 3 this spring

    • Planning Michelin PR4! Normal or GT?

    • Tomorrow...new Michelin pilot sport 3 ....let the season begin ...Forza kawa

    • One of top 2 tyres for this moped?:))

    • I have pr4s dont feel no different to when i had maxxis. I think tyres are tyres