New standard reply when someone comes up to me and asks of my Versys Hey is...

New standard reply when someone comes up to me and asks of my Versys: "Hey is that a Ducati?", "Nope, because as you can see, it's on the road, being ridden."

  • and it's able to go farther than 50 miles without running the valves! lol

  • Now now

  • just poking fun. I'd love to have a duc but just can't swing one. that's why I got a versys. because it looks and sounds a lot like the monster

  • Haha oh I know it's all good fun. There's a reason the duc is on the stand and the Versys isn't!

  • lol

  • if you pull all those little plastic covers off, it really changes the look of the bike!

  • Did you go naked on you versys?

  • I did. I put em back on the other day but problably gonna pull em back off

  • haha ducati is very nice parked under the roof back home, wow thats a ducati

  • It's the standard joke at my bike club. It's even given agenda time.

  • Just show them the money still in your wallet after the first service.

  • i call mine a "Japcati"

  • biggest jaw drop ever, learned how to do all maintenance my self on my Ducati now, makes you appreciate how easy the V is to work on!

  • Please post a photo when you do so..would like to see how it looks like

  • absolutely!

  • "Does it sound like a bucket of bolts?"