New rubber big dollars


New rubber big dollars

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  • 95% of riders use lessthan 65% of a tyres potential, very few tyres ever reach the point of doom........

  • Yeah I've got 120 70s on, the vfr im looking at has corsas on and when I trek it out the guy said ten mins warm

    Up before then u can cane it lol looking forward to riding it

  • Unless you live ten mins away from


  • I think we are looking forward to a bit of warmth and sunshine 8|

  • It's what was recommended for my conditions .

  • Yeah, Canary Islands here I come.:-)

  • Do you do lots of track day s at Caddy then Ian? Many years since I rode round there.

  • I'm there regularly as mates have classic bikes, about 20 mins from

    Starting bike up and I'm there

  • Normaly with Volvo and trailer in case of any "mishaps"!