New question for the day This is the bike now with the chieftan front fender...


New question for the day. This is the bike now with the chieftan front fender almost done. I was going to go with a better wider windshield but starting to Atleast consider a fairing. I think it will look better with a windshield since I'm going for that classic indian look, but I know a fairing would allow for a bigger radio system and probably block the elements more. I'm afraid it's gona kill the looks tho. I'm not scared to modify any existing fairing out there to fit if I can find one that actually looks good. Thoughts?

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  • If you're looking for a killer stereo setup without a fairing here a good one!

  • Greensburg, I have an Uncle Joe Palla that lives on Alexander ave.

  • That's a good system I'm sure but damn those speakers are huge! Looks like Mickey Mouse lol.

  • Course you could go this way with a 400 watt kenwood bluetooth am

  • I'm building a set but I'm putting mine on my crash bars! You can always modify them to a smaller size as well.

  • Love the way you layed it low.

  • Looks like you have a 99 Nomad bag peaking out in the corner.

  • Ya what exact fairing is that

  • Pics coming soon. My paint guy met me today. Matched the metallic green 1000 % so the painting starts Monday

  • 03

  • Take lots of time. Think things over. Have a dozen beer and go nuts with a dremel. For those that are interested I have a junk Harley inner for mocking up. First one to say hey I want it gets it and I will cover shipping

  • 03 Harley

  • I'll take it

  • Hey I want it

  • Need a shipping address? Just PM on messager

  • Rod wins. It really is junk but perfect for mock up so if you are nice to him he may pass it on

  • Yup

  • Pm my me and we will set it up

  • Damn I hate autocorrect

  • Pass it on Rod Pimentel if you change your mind please

  • Done and done.... Thanks

  • Yessir

  • Yup love it