New one of a kind light bar vn2000 specific 200. 00 shipped Conus


New one of a kind light bar vn2000 specific 200.00 shipped Conus

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  • What makes it one of a kind?

  • The Bar itself is Kawasaki Fire and steele VN2000 Light Bar the Globes are from a Kawasaki Fire and steele VN1600 Light bar and the Turns are off a kawasaki Vaquero Everything is new put it together from diff sets i had.

  • Looks really nice.

  • It def is if i don't move it i may install it on my machine everything is internally wired hidden in the bar and there is channels specially built to hide all the wireing comes with a nice button switch as well.

  • Hope you sell it. I am tapped out for one year

  • Maybe will see someone will get a helluva light bar it is very shiney

  • Through in the susuki and we may have a deal

  • Yeah that is a 73 Suzuki GT185 custom breast cancer Awareness Bike i built when my mom was diagnosed I have more money in that bike than i do in any of my bikes not that it matters however my mom has since passed and that bike will never leave the family.Google my name and the bike there is a really cool story about it bring tissues though.

  • I have a batwing do you think it would clear?

  • Peter the globes are out front on the stansions and it mounts in the stock location i believe it will by the looks of your fairing bye thecway what fairing is that?

  • Ordered through parts Canada lol sorry no name it was ordered for a yamy but I made my brackets to make it fit

  • I like it

  • Thank you next is to fit a dash to it but that's not a priority right now

  • Back side with control wires