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  • Yeah I really want a plastic roof but the only one I see that makes one is Kawasaki.

  • And it's basically a a dumpster lid and not even joking

  • Haha dang it that's no good does anyone know would one of those fit a 13 model another thing I have heard of people doing is making one from polycarb. Like a hard plastic material it can be shaped with a metal brake to

  • Find a sheet metal shop, bet it's cheaper to have them fab one up. I been quoted 330. Probably gonna buy a sheet of 1/8in and do it myself

  • Heck let us know how it goes I would like to see what you come up with I may try it to lol

  • Colored sheet metal other than white or black is bout 80 bucks black and white is 60 bucks 4x8 sheet don't let no one screw you on fabrication I have a friend with a 8 'metal break if it's high as hell let me know I will get measurements and sell them basterds myself

  • Okay awesome thanks where can you buy the colored sheets at

  • You can buy them at race shops

  • Thank you I will check around

  • Sheet metal is the way to go. The plastic ones sound traumatic when a small branch rubs it on the trail. Hell some tin roof material would be easy to cut to size and be better.

  • I have the plastic roof on my 14' T4. Ok, but when it rains it is basically a waterfall as it runs out the front side gutters onto your outside leg. Not fun! I'm going to have modify mine to prevent that.

  • I'm going to look into that. Thabks

  • Perfect info. That's the stuff im looking for. Thanks Eric.

  • You're welcome. Also good to do some research on different types of windshields if you are wanting one. I got the factory plastic one but found out later that you can't add a wiper since it could scratch it. I've tried using Rainx Plastic but it doesn't help much. We get a lot of rain in Washington state so I don't want to be limited by the weather.